Party Loot

Total gold

Recently Bought:

Ingrit: (All half off from emrys crafting)
Daredevil Softpaws: 700
Iron Cobra Gauntlet: 4000
Efficient Quiver: 900

Artaith: (All half off from emrys crafting)
Glove of Storing: 5000

Wand of cure light wounds ( 8 charges)
wand of mirror image (23 charges)
Wand of Web (37 charges)
Wand of Produce Flame (41 charges)
8 doses of oil of taggit
1 dose of dark reaver powder
+ 1 Seeking Harpoon (Ingrit)
2 Masterwork Trident
Ring of Animal Friendship (Artaith)
Hold Fast Anchor (Death & Taxes)
Zul (+ 1 human bane trident) (Ingrit)
Captain’s Locker (Death & Taxes)
Avarice (Valmont)
Besmara’s Bones (Death & Taxes)
2 Fan feather tokens
Slippers of Spider Climbing
Charts of the Fair Winds (Death & Taxes)
Mithral dagger set with aquamarine gemstones worth 900 gp
Shackles ensign (Death & Taxes)
Vakarla’s spellbook (Emrys)
potions of cure moderate wounds (2)
potion of invisibility
scrolls of dispel magic (2)
scroll of fly
cloak of resistance +1 (Emrys)
ring of the iron skull (Valmont)
Ring of protection +1 (Ingrit)
Milksop’s spellbook (Emrys)
masterwork falchion
masterwork light crossbow
cloak of resistance +2 (Hobblin’ John)
rope of climbing (Emrys)
watertight engraved bronze scroll case
+2 Trident (Ingrit)
Bracers of Armor +2 (Emyris)
Gold and Silver Sextant (1000 gp)
Oil of Slipstream
Wand of Gust of Wind (6 charges)
10 +1 Ship Bane Ballista Bolt
6 +1 Distance Adamantine Ballista Bolt
Potion of Cure Mod Wounds
Ring of Force Shild
Jeweled Masterwork Cold Iron Rapier (450gp)
Platnum Plated Compass (250 gp)
Jalhazar’s wheel (Death & Taxes)

Party Loot

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