The Senator

The Senator is a Masterwork impervious +2 Igniting Ship Bane Great Bombard (use stats for fiends mouth cannon). It’s roughly 20’ long, weighs 18 tons, and fires stone cannonballs nearly two foot in diameter. The Senator is made of heavy chelish iron and rests on a six wheeled carriage made out of ironwood. The cannon is embossed with the image of a nude succubus lounging on a chelish senatorial bench which is further accented by trimmings of scrolls, flowers, vines and other traditional architectural forms. The cannon’s bore glows faintly of embers; when primed and loaded, the bore overflows with fire and sparks.

The senator possesses a number of unique abilities in addition to it’s base stats.

First, it may chose to fire a shot over a ship’s bow, (AC 5) dealing no damage, and inflicting a fear effect on those on board (Will Save DC 20).

Second, if a portion of a ship (Such as a splinter of a plank or sailcloth that has flown on the mast, rather than cargo, ammunition fired from the ship, other supplies etc) is burned within the bore of the cannon, the cannon gains the bane ability toward that ship for 24 hours. This bane ability stacks with the cannon’s existing shipbane statistics.

Lastly, once per week, the senator may be loaded with a black pearl worth at least 500gp, when fired, the black pearl increases to the size of the cannon’s bore. If the pearl strikes an enemy ship, it shatters on her boards, dealing no damage and inflicting a Circle of Death spell towards the ship’s crew (area equal to that of the ship’s deck, use the level of the person who fired the cannon for the spell’s caster level).

A sacrificial toothed dagger of Ancient Ghol Gan, which sized appropriately for a Cyclops makes it the size of a sword for a medium creature. This weapon is a vicious Terbutje based on the Fanged Falchion.
Slot none; Price 25,000 gp; Aura moderate transmutation [evil];
CL 11th; Weight 6 lbs.
Avarice; Aura: Moderate Transmutatoin [Lawful Evil]

Avarice is an impervious +1 flaming endless ammunition Heavy crossbow. It is made of ivory, gold, and uses gold dragonscale along the grip and stock of the weapon. It’s studded with star rubies and diamonds, and makes the use of a particularly large diamond as it’s sight. It possesses the glamoured trait, favoring a common merchant’s scale when it needs to be disguised.

Once every three months, if the day is hot, the sun is red, and the weight of greed is heavy in the heart of it’s owner, Avarice may open a portal to the elemental plane of fire, to the City of Brass, home of the Grand Bazaar, the greatest market found on any plane within the great beyond. This gate remains open for whatever time remains in the Grand Bazaar’s market day, and closes with the sunset regardless of which side the owner is on.

A mortal taking a journey to the Grand Bazaar must take time to mentally prepare him or herself, as even the slightest misstep could lead to being swindled, sold into slavery, or worse. During this time, the owner may also prepare any goods they wish to take to market. If the portal is opened in haste, the user runs the risk of being detected as weak and desperate by the efreet population.

For the purposes of selling plunder, use the following stats for the Grand Bazaar:

Grand Bazaar:
Base sale%: 120% (1,200 gp)
DC to increase Sale: 10 + 15 per 10%
No Maximum Sale limit.

Dagon’s Tooth (Minor Artifact)

Dagon’s Tooth is a +2 Cruel Ominous Cutlass it is made of a dark long thin tooth simmilar to those found on angler fish and other deep sea predators, albeit of extraordinary size. The hand guard is a collection of a dozen writhing tentacles with razor toothed cups while a mass of twisted corral cratered with tiny pea-sized eggs makes up the crossguard.

When a worshiper of Dagon, or a person who has been maddened by the sea wields the weapon, some of the tentacles wrap about the wrist granting the owner +4 CMD against disarms, these tentacles may also be directly controlled by the wielder allowing the user to act as if he had a free hand while using the sword. Furthermore, if the weapon is wielded against a worshiper of Dagon the tentacles attach and lash against the wielder dealing 1d4 damage per round and requiring a strength 10 check to remove. If the sword is removed by disarmament or by force, the weilder takes 1d4 wisdom damage as his mind is hit with a wave of visions of the Abyss.

The eggs in the corral contain miniature versions of living sea creatures. As a standard action, the wielder may speak a prayer to Dagon and remove an egg. If the egg is then thrown into an accommodating mass of water, the creature will erupt, growing to full size and follow the summoner’s orders for 4 rounds before retreating to the depths (If the creature can not retreat, it becomes neutral). Once used the eggs may not be replaced.

Dagon’s Tooth contains the following eggs:

3 Dire Shark (Megalodon) (CR 9)
2 Sea Serpent (CR 12)
1 Kraken (CR 18)

Dagon’s Tooth contains a tiny fraction of Dagon’s will, and is an intelligent item with the following properties.

Chaotic Evil Intelligent Cutlass
16 Int
18 Wis
14 Cha
16 Ego

Languagees: Abyssal, Aquan, Grippli

Senses (120 ft.)
Purpose: Consume in a wake of catastrophe and destruction


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